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Corporate Social Responsibility

Deminor is an organisation that defends the interests of thousands of private and institutional investors as well as small and large corporations who have suffered losses caused by fraud, misleading information, violations of competition law, breach of contract, tort or other types of misconduct.

Without our intervention our clients would often not be in a position to recover their losses. Values such as access to justice, fair justice, good governance, transparency, equal treatment and solidarity are the main drivers of our daily activities. These values inspire us outside of our work environment as well. In the true spirit of sharing, Deminor believes that part of the fruits of its activities must be used to support charity projects carried out by members of its team.

Charity initiatives


Deminor brings 1000 kids to the MIMA

Thanks to a partnership between Deminor and the MIMA (the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art located in Brussels), 1000 kids are invited by Deminor to visit the museum during the school year 2019-2020.

Exposing kids to accessible culture is a great way to help them grow up as open-minded and sensitive adults. Unfortunately, schools are often confronted with budget restrictions, limiting off-site activities, where youngsters could discover and interact in a constructive way with the outside world. Hence, the relevance of private partnerships within the local community.

The MIMA is an art initiative that offers artists from the street art scene a platform to meet new audiences. The MIMA is located in Molenbeek, a district of Brussels known for its multi-cultural society. Deminor is providing guidance to investors and companies wishing to improve their social contribution, by implementing effective corporate governance and restoring justice when confronted with misconduct. Inviting 1000 kids to visit the MIMA is our way to act responsibly within our community by supporting education and culture.


More about the MIMA:


Painting works at Entraides, a Brussels based charity offering medical services to disadvantaged persons.

The Deminor team carried out painting works in the building of Entraides, saving them an important budget that they would otherwise have had to spend on executing the works.



Distribution of food boxes to refugees at Brussels North Station

In 2018, the Deminor team prepared and delivered food boxes to the homeless refugees at the Brussels North Station.


New York marathon for the benefit of NGO “Every Mother Counts”

In 2017, Edouard Fremault, CSO, ran the New York City Marathon in order to collect funds to support the NGO “Every Mother Counts” in its fight for making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every women on earth. Deminor supported his initiative through a donation to the organisation.




Marathon des Sables for the benefit of NGO “Face for Children in Need”

“Face for Children in Need” (FACE) is a Belgian NGO that aims at assisting and protecting orphans and street children, as well as their families and communities in Egypt, regardless of race, culture or religion.
Deminor participated to the fundraising organised by a member of its staff (Jean-Philippe Timmermans, Head of Back Office) as part of his participation to the Marathon des Sables 2015 (taking place in the Sahara desert) in favour of FACE.

Short video of his amazing adventure