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ILTACON 2019: Synopsis en

Newsletter 12/2019
With the aim of exchanging views on the most recent developments in legal technology, Deminor attended ILTACON Europe (International Legal Technology Association Conference) in London in November 2019.

The areas discussed included the future of legal tech, Knowledge Management, strategy and the business of law, innovation, eDiscovery and litigation support, information security and compliance, AI, the cloud and women in technology.

It widely agreed that technology could be a significant game changer in the legal industry. Legal technology’s applicability and future potential were addressed in several panel discussions, with lawyers and specialists agreeing that the proliferation of technology in recent years has led to offerings for lawyers and legal organisations that are broad and sometimes opaque. However, once the right technology is implemented, it has the potential to make processes faster, save organisations valuable resources, and altogether catapult organisations into the digital age.

The collaborative nature of technology was discussed, with experts agreeing that legal specialists must seek client-side views on how legal tech can help in jointly solving client needs. A significant debate surrounded how the risky nature of new technology development makes it difficult to innovate in a cost-controlled environment, which is why a business case must be made for law firms and their clients to innovate in a one-sided manner. Subject matter experts were agreed to be key in implementing new technology.

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Julie Bredée

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Julie Bredée

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