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Deminor organiseert geregeld educatieve evenementen zoals webcast presentaties en seminaries.

Komende evenementen

5-9.07.2021  Legalcommunity Week


Deminor is proud to sponsor Legalcommunity Week, which will take place from 5 to 9 July 2021 in Milan.

Legalcommunity Week is an international event for business and tax lawyers, general counsel, bankers, and professionals from all over the world. It will include around 30 themed sessions with over 120 speakers who will discuss the challenges of the legal profession, changes in the market, professional innovations, and international trends.

Erik Bomans, CEO of Deminor Recovery Services, will speak at a roundtable entitled “Litigation funding: a tool for companies to smartly manage their resources” on Tuesday 6 July 2021. Further information about Legalcommunity Week, along with details of the programme and how to register for the events, can be found here.

Geëindigde evenementen

10-14.05.2021 - London International Disputes Week


Deminor was  a proud sponsor of London International Disputes Week 2021, which ran from 10 to 14 May 2021.

The virtual programme featured a large number of legal experts providing their insights on current issues facing the disputes sector, including: the role of London in a decentralised world, digital advocacy, social and environmental responsibility, the mental health challenges faced in the legal profession, and the role of technology.

Deminor participated in events and networking throughout the week with contacts and colleagues.  In particular:

Deminor hosted in a panel of in-house lawyers discussing the key soft skills of in-house counsel and how they work.  Emily O’Neill, Deminor’s UK GC, led the discussion about how to survive and thrive in-house and a recording is available here.

David Walker, Senior Legal Counsel at Deminor, also spoke on a panel chaired by Sir Rupert Jackson entitled “Litigation at what cost? Funding Access to Justice including Group Claims and Collective Redress.”

If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised on the panels or during London International Disputes Week more generally, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


29.04.2021 — Webcast: Enforcement in Mainland China : is this realistic? All you need to know in 3 case studies

22.03.2021 — Webcast: “Fortune Telling? How to assess litigation risk and reward.”

17.02.2021  Webcast: “Piloting Change: Having your Say on Disclosure”

17.02.2021 — Webcast: “De Disclosure Pilot van de Business en Property Courts in Engeland en Wales: paneldiscussie over ervaringen en ideeën”

21.01.2021 — Webcast: “Bescherm uw recht op een eerlijke waardering als Chinese bedrijven gevestigd op de Kaaimaneilanden hun notering van de Amerikaanse beurzen beëindigen”

07.01.2020 — Webcast: “Wirecard AG (Duitsland) - Update over de recente ontwikkelingen & mogelijkheden tot het vorderen van schadevergoeding”

30.10.2019— Webcast: “Wirecard AG (Duitsland) - Vooronderzoek en mogelijke opties voor schadevergoeding”

28.05.2019 — Webcast: “Acties op het vlak van het mededingingsrecht voor institutionele investeerders – Het Europese Landschap”

14.03.2019 — Webcast: “Investment recovery kansen in Azië”

25.02.2019 — Webcast: “Het Danske Bank witwasschandaal: motie AVA ter benoeming van onafhankelijke onderzoeker”

07.11.2018 — Webcast: “Porsche Automobil Holding SE en ‘Dieselgate’: Terugvorderingsopties voor Investeerders”

24.10.2018 — Webcast: “Danske Bank A/S: wat is de impact van de grootste witwasoperatie ooit in Europa op investeerders“

14.06.2018 — Deminor – BRAGARD Webcast over schadevergoedingsacties voor investeringsverliezen en investeerders in Latijns-Amerikas

09.01.2018 — Webcast: “Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. – Analysis and recovery options for investors”

15.11.2017 — Webcast: “Volkswagen Aandeelhouders Actie: huidige status & vergelijking met andere Europese schadevergoedingsacties”

14.06.2017 — Webcast: “7 jaar na Morrison: worden collectieve acties buiten de VS een gemeengoed?”

08.06.2017 — City Forum Den Haag: Interactieve lezingen over collectief procederen door professionele investeerders: Nederlandse claimstichtingen en collectieve acties in het buitenland

24.11.2016 — Paris City Forum

12.07.2016 — Webcast: “Can Shareholder Litigation and Engagement Help Improve Corporate Governance? The European Practice”

09.06.2016 — Frankfurt City Forum: Shareholder Litigation Seminar 2016

22.10.2015 — London Breakfast Seminar: Taking informed decisions to seek recovery of investment losses