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Tiny Ergo

Chief Financial Officer

Tiny Ergo joined Deminor in 2019.

Main tasks

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Responsible for cash flow management and forecasting, financial reporting, drafting, updating and monitoring business plans, treasury and funding management, overseeing group accounting and audits
  • Drafting and reviewing investment proposals, reviewing valuation of assets and performing risk analysis on investments

Previous work experience

  • Over 20 years of experience in KBC Group, in various roles ranging from portfolio manager, risk manager, project manager, treasury & funding manager to roles on managerial level, i.e. general manager ALM Insurance and finally Chief Risk Officer and member of the Executive Committee of KBC Asset Management (1999-2019)


  • Master in Economics, University of Ghent (1997)
  • Certified Financial Analyst (BVFA/ABAF- 2000)
  • CFA-charterholder, CFA Institute (2004)
  • 4-week Inter-Alpha course on Banking, INSEAD (2013).

Additional information

  • Languages: Dutch, English, French