Recovery of investment losses

Deminor originates, manages and funds investment-related litigation internationally


Investment Recovery

We assist investors in the recovery of their losses through funded litigations worldwide.

Our clients are leading asset managers, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds who operate on a global basis. By funding court actions and protecting our clients from adverse party costs, we transform their legal claims into tangible assets.

We do not initiate class actions. We work in the exclusive interest of our clients in order to maximize their recovery through direct legal actions.

We have built an unmatched track record over the past 25 years and have been able to obtain for our clients on average a recovery ratio of 41.3% so far and ensure a positive outcome in 80% of the recovery cases that we have launched in 12 jurisdictions.

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Facts & figures

As a pioneer in this field with offices in Europe, America and Asia, we have the skills to:

1. Carefully select recovery opportunities in multiple jurisdictions;
2. Make a reasonable estimate of potential losses; and
3. Advise on a successful litigation strategy during the whole process.


Year of establishment


Continents on which we are active


Team members


Languages spoken by the team


Independently owned by 5 partners


Nationalities of the team


Institutional clients

€ 1.3 bn

Fortis / Ageas settlement, the largest ever in Europe where Deminor played a leading role

And one set of common values

1. Independence and integrity;
2. Alignment of interests (“skin in the game”);
3. Quality and excellence;
4. Results-driven.


How does it work in practice

1. Case notification

You receive a case notification through a case alert or DAMS

2. Reviewing trading data

You provide Deminor with your trading data

3. Eligibility check

Deminor checks your eligibility and provides you with the estimation of your losses

4. Contract

You enter into a contract with Deminor

5. Strategy

Deminor implements the strategy, e.g. issuance of court action

6. Regular updates

You receive regular updates by email and through MyDeminor

7. Acceptance decision

You make all important decisions e.g., acceptance of a settlement negotiated by Deminor

8. Execution

Execution of the settlement or court judgement

9. Payment

Case closed


Why Deminor?

25+ years of experience

A meticulous choice of cases after a stringent due diligence process

A full transfer of financial risks through funded litigation and protection against adverse party costs

A multilingual assistance

An unique track-record in shareholders’ litigations worldwide

An independent partnership, with “skin in the game”

A global coverage with 6 offices on 3 continents

Full alignment of interests with our clients

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Recent successful recovery cases

Fortis / Ageas (Belgium and the Netherlands, 2018)

we reached a settlement under which Ageas paid EUR 1.3 billion to eligible shareholders, including Deminor’s 5,500+ clients. To date, this is the largest shareholders-related settlement in Europe and one of the ten largest ever achieved in the world.

Madoff (USA and Europe, 2018)

we are representing 4,500 + investors impacted by the Madoff fraud. Following legal initiatives in Europe and in the USA, our clients have recovered up to 70% of their losses.

Zhaopin (Cayman Islands, 2018)

Deminor advised shareholders of Zhaopin in connection with a merger proposed by its controlling shareholder. A petition was filed with the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands to have the court determine the shares’ fair value. In 2018, our clients reached a settlement whose terms were not publicly disclosed.

Fondiaria (Italy, 2017)

the investors’ claims stemmed from the takeover of Fondiaria in 2002 by a consortium of bidders. Following a long court battle up to the Italian Court of Cassation, Deminor’s clients were able to recover a substantial part of their losses. Settlement terms were not publicly disclosed.

Olympus (Japan, 2016)

a group of more than 60 institutional investors reached an in-court settlement and recovered 45% of their losses. It was the first time ever that non-Japanese institutional investors initiated a recovery action against a Japanese company in Japan. Based on public information, this settlement represents the highest recovery achieved by non-Japanese investors on the Olympus case.