Antitrust Damages Actions

Deminor helps businesses recover losses caused by anticompetitive practices

Victims of cartels and other breaches of antitrust regulations can seek redress through individual or collective actions.


Antitrust actions

Anticompetitive practices can take various forms. Cartels and abuses of a dominant position are the most common breaches of antitrust regulations. They negatively impact markets for goods and services and can lead to artificially high prices or the exclusion of market players. Other market actors (customers, suppliers, etc.) are deprived of the benefits of a truly competitive market which can result in significant economic harm. These practices are illegal and victims of antitrust violations are entitled to seek compensation. Deminor offers them the possibility to take part in individual or collective legal actions on a “no cure, no pay” basis.

When should you consider an antitrust action?

You purchased …

Goods or services affected by a cartel…

when a cartel was in place and carried damaging effects…

in a country or market impacted by a cartel.

Deminor will help you to identify antitrust actions in which you can participate 

For each antitrust action organized and financed by Deminor, we provide you with explanations and assistance to help you verify if and how you can participate. This makes it possible for you not to miss an opportunity to seek compensation for your losses. We also identify which information, documents and evidence (e.g. invoices) are required to substantiate your claim for damages.


how it works in practice

1. Case notification

You are informed about an Antitrust Action through a case alert or by visiting our website

2. Purchasing data

You provide Deminor with your purchasing data related to goods/services affected by the anticompetitive practice

3. Eligibility check

Deminor checks your eligibility and informs you about the required documentation

4. Contract

You enter into a contract with Deminor

5. Quantification of losses

We hire economic experts to estimate the impact of the cartel and quantify your losses

6. Strategy

Deminor implements the strategy, e.g. issuance of court action

7. Regular updates

You receive regular updates by email and through MyDeminor

8. Acceptance decision

You take all important decisions, e.g. acceptance of a settlement negociated by Deminor

9. Execution

Execution of the settlement or court judgement

10. Payment

We take care of all required steps in order for you to receive your compensation

Case closed

See our pending Antitrust Actions

Truck Cartel

Several producers of trucks were fined a record amount of €3.8 billion in relation to a cartel that lasted from January 1997 and January 2011 and covered the entire European Economic Area.

See our pending Investigations

Cement Cartel (Italy)

In August 2017, the Italian Competition Authority fined several companies involved in the cement sales market in connection with a cartel that lasted from 2011 to 2016. As part of the collusion, companies involved in this cartel coordinated price increases on several occasions, which were then passed on to their customers. DRS is investigating the Italian cement market and other related products (e.g. concrete) to identify potential victims of the cartel who may be entitled to compensation.

Get in touch with one of our experts

Do you have questions about one of our pending Antitrust Actions or investigations?

Do you believe you could be affected by an anticompetitive practice (cartel, abuse of dominant position, etc.) that is not mentioned in our pending cases and investigations?

Partnerships and Collaborations with Trade Associations

Cartels and other anticompetitive practices often harm a very large number of businesses active within a single market or sector of the economy. Information about pending or potential antitrust actions is therefore relevant for the trade associations defending and promoting the interests of those businesses. These associations usually consider it their role to disseminate such information among their members.

In conducting our antitrust actions, we are interested in collaborating with and assisting trade associations whose members have been affected by a cartel or another type of antitrust violation.

If you are a trade association and you believe that your members may have been harmed by a cartel

We only make money when you do

A simple win is not enough

Only if you effectively cash in the proceeds do we take our agreed share.

Share ranges from 10% to 35%, depending on complexity, risks and jurisdiction.

No downside in case of loss

If the case is lost, you owe Deminor nothing.

If you are ordered to pay expenses to the adverse party, Deminor pays them.