Antitrust Damages Actions

Recovery of losses caused by infringements of competition law


DRS helps businesses with recovering the losses they have suffered as a result of an illicit cartel or other form of anti-competitive behaviour

Cartels and other anti-competitive behaviour are regularly targeted by proceedings brought by public authorities, including the European Commission or national competition authorities, which can result in (substantial) fines imposed on the infringers. Those fines are usually not redistributed to the victims of the breach of antitrust rules. Nevertheless, victims of breaches of antitrust regulations also have the right to claim compensation for their own losses.

By their nature, infringements of antitrust rules such as cartels cause harm to a very large number of companies or persons and they can cover very wide geographical markets, sometimes encompassing the entire European Union, and can run for several years before being unveiled or detected.

Over the last 25 years, Deminor has developed a widely recognized and successful track record in the field of collective actions by bringing together very large numbers of aggrieved parties who seek compensation for their financial and economic losses. Deminor can rely on its unique expertise in dealing with complex cross-border litigation in various countries.

Taking care of the full recovery process

Clients can outsource their full recovery process to Deminor Recovery Services. We take care of fact finding, case research, economic analysis and loss calculation, identification and collection of evidence, determination of complex cross-border strategies including litigation, syndication, lobbying, public relations, negotiation and settlement execution.

Through the secured on-line registration platform MyDeminor, Deminor has the capacity to syndicate thousands of victims of anti-competitive behaviour in a matter of days.

Flexible and no-risk remuneration structures

Thanks to its own financial capacity and privileged relations with external financiers, insurance companies and other firms, Deminor Recovery Services can offer its clients flexible and “no risk” remuneration structures.