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Test-Aankoop and Deminor: new open letter to Fortis en


Since the capital operation of 26 June Fortis remains silent notwithstanding the persistent questions of the investors for more transparency. Test-Aankoop and Deminor were informed earlier today of the press release of Fortis stating that its Board of Directors will convene on 11 July.

Meanwhile there are serious rumours in the press that Mr. Jean-Paul Votron would resign. A possible resignation of Mr. Jean-Paul Votron would not change the analysis and conclusions of Test-Aankoop and Deminor. The policy of Fortis cannot be reduced to the acts of one person, but is the common responsibility of the complete Management Committee, even authorized and approved by the all members of the Board of Directors.

Hence, Test-Aankoop and Deminor are forced to urge the Board of Directors to convene an extraordinary shareholders' meeting.

Both organizations are pleased to have already the support of more than 3,000 private investors. Of course, the possibility for subscriptions still exists for Fortis-investors with Test-Aankoop (only private investors) and Deminor.



Written on Jul 10, 2009 by


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