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Danske Bank - 10 reasons to vote for an independent investigation en


On 4 February 2019, Deminor submitted a motion to have an independent investigator appointed by the shareholders at Danske Bank’s AGM on 18 March 2019. This motion  is item 12 on the agenda of the AGM.

The purpose of this independent investigation is to ensure that shareholders become aware of the identity of the persons who allowed vast sums of money to be laundered through Danske Bank over the years. Those ultimately responsible at the bank should be identified and held to account.

Danske Bank has indicated in the response to the motion that it does not believe that any further investigations are required.

because the Danish law firm Bruun & Hjejle already investigated the matter sufficiently. This reply does little to solve the issue that the report was biased i.a. because the Danish law firm admitted in its very own words that it was "neither impartial nor independent"

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Deminor DRS

Written on Feb 25, 2019 by

Deminor DRS

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