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Anett Szabo joins Deminor as Global CFO/COO

Anett Szabo brings a wealth of experience in Financial Control and Operations to support Deminor’s continued growth and ...

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Confidential information leak – Whodunnit?

Deminor General Counsel, Emily O'Neill is teaming up with The Law Society to deliver their upcoming training event, ...

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H2O Asset Management

Deminor is funding a legal action to be initiated by investors having suffered substantial losses following investments ...

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Deminor welcomes Patrick Rode to further develop litigation funding activities in Germany

Patrick Rode will bring additional experience and expertise in commercial, securities and antitrust litigation to ...

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Deminor renews our relationship with MIMA in 2022-2023

Deminor is very proud to continue its unique charitable partnership with MIMA (the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art ...

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The Key Aspects of Third Party Funding in Latin America

In this interview, Senior Legal Counsel Paloma Castro analyses the key aspects of third party funding in Latin America, ...

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Dr. Malte Stübinger - One Year Deminor Anniversary Interview

In 2021, Deminor opened its first German office and welcomed Dr. Malte Stübinger to help grow Deminor’s presence in the ...

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