LHSP – Press Release 18 May 2007

The criminal trial starts on May 21, 2007.

More than 11.000 former shareholders of the bankrupt company LHSP have registered with Deminor and with the consumer organization Test-Achats aiming to recover the damages suffered from all possible responsible parties. Registrations have been closed on March 30, 2007.

Registrations were open from November 2000 until June 2002 and are closed as from 30 March 2007.

As from 5 January 2007, registrations have been re-opened, provided investors met the required conditions and criteria. For legal and administrative reasons, the list of plaintiffs has been closed on Friday 30 March 2007.

The LHSP trial in Belgium will start on 21 May 2007. Therefore, Deminor and Test-Achats have organized a Press Conference on 18 May 2007, to update the media on the status of the case, the history of our intervention, and the damages claimed by the 13.368 investors represented by Deminor and Test-Achats.



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