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Business Developer

Deminor Recovery Services (Deminor) is recruiting a Business Developer (full time) to help it grow and promote its activities in the field of antitrust-related recovery actions.

About us

Deminor is a leader in managing and funding collective and individual actions for the benefit of companies and investors ( We have an unmatched geographical reach, experience, know-how, track record, institutional network and financial capacity. We are active in three business areas: Antitrust Actions, Investment Recovery and Commercial Litigation. As part of our Antitrust Actions, we help clients seek compensation for economic losses caused by anti-competitive practices such as cartels and abuses of dominance. Since anti-competitive practices usually harm numerous businesses, most Antitrust Actions are brought as collective actions involving large numbers of plaintiffs.

Our clients outsource to us the vast majority of activities and responsibilities related to an Antitrust Action, including its financing. This enables our clients to allocate their resources to their core business while trusting us to manage the recovery action. Our Antitrust Actions offer them upside potential without downside risk.

About the function

We are looking for a Business Developer who will provide support to the development of our Antitrust Actions business and whose tasks will include the following:

  • identify potential and existing cases, including based on pending investigations and decisions by competition authorities (market monitoring);
  • identify companies that may have been harmed by a (suspected) breach of antitrust regulations;
  • promote Antitrust Actions, contact prospective clients and follow up with them up until signature of a contract (book-building);
  • maintain contacts with existing clients;
  • prepare and hold presentations about Antitrust Actions;
  • inform and communicate with trade associations about opportunities deriving from Antitrust Actions;
  • create general awareness for Antitrust Actions among the business community;
  • contribute to the general marketing plan and participate in its implementation.

You will work in close collaboration with and under the supervision of the partner in charge of the business. You will be part of an international team of skilled, motivated and dynamic experts who will also provide you with the required assistance to perform your tasks. You will be based in Brussels but will be expected to travel regularly since our Antitrust Actions business covers many jurisdictions, primarily in Europe.

Required qualifications and experience

  • 8+ years of work experience in the field of antitrust-related policies or activities in a European environment with regular contacts with and/or exposure to the business world and enterprises. Experience in litigation will be considered as a plus;
  • You are a native English speaker or have excellent command of the English language and you also have a very good command of at least 2 other European languages including French, German, Italian and/or Spanish;
  • You have strong communication, commercial and presentation skills;
  • You are disciplined, pragmatic and efficient while also being able to suggest ideas and innovative solutions;
  • You are a fast thinker with an entrepreneurial attitude and the ability to understand the needs and constraints of enterprises;
  • You are a flexible team player.



If you are interested in joining our team, please send your application letter and CV to:

Charles Demoulin
Tel +32 2 674 71 33