Fortis Settlement

Deminor Recovery Services advises and represents more than 5,000 retail and 500 institutional investors who had invested in Fortis shares. Those investors filed a court action before the Court of Commerce of Brussels. They claimed damages for the losses suffered on their investments in relation to alleged misrepresentations made since the formal announcement of the takeover of ABN Amro in May 2007 up until the collapse of the Fortis Group early October 2008.

On 14 March 2016, DRS reached a €1.2 billion settlement with Ageas SA/NV (formerly known as Fortis SA/NV) and other parties. This is the largest settlement of investors’ claims in Europe so far. The settlement has been submitted to the Court of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) with the request to declare it generally binding on all eligible shareholders in accordance with the Dutch law on the collective settlement of mass claims. The proceedings before the Court are currently still pending and the Court has invited the parties to the settlement to agree on amendments to its terms. In the meantime, the court action before the Court of Commerce of Brussels has been stayed as a result of the settlement.

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