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Deminor regularly organizes educational events such as webcast presentations or seminars.

Upcoming events


There are currently no events planned.

Past events

17.02.2021 — Webcast: “Piloting Change: Having your Say on Disclosure”

21.01.2021 — Webcast: “Protect Your Rights to a Fair Valuation as Chinese Companies with a seat in Cayman Islands Delist from American Exchanges”

07.01.2020 — Webcast: “Wirecard AG (Germany) - Update on recent developments & recovery options”

30.10.2019 — Webcast: “Wirecard AG (Germany) – Preliminary investigation & potential recovery options”

28.05.2019 — Webcast: “Antitrust Actions for Institutional Investors – The European Landscape”

14.03.2019 — Webcast: “Investment recovery opportunities in Asia”

25.02.2019 — Webcast: The Danske Bank Money Laundering Scandal: motion to appoint an independent investigator

07.11.2018 — Webcast: “Porsche Automobil Holding SE and ‘Dieselgate’: Recovery Options for Investors”

24.10.2018 — Webcast: “Danske Bank A/S: how are investors impacted by the largest money-laundering operation in Europe?”

14.06.2018 — Deminor – BRAGARD Webcast on recovery actions for investments and investors in Latin America

09.01.2018 — Webcast: “Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. – Analysis and recovery options for investors“

15.11.2017 — Webcast: “Volkswagen Shareholder Litigation: current status & comparison with other European recovery cases“

14.06.2017 — Webcast: “7 years after Morrison: are non-US securities litigations becoming a commodity”?

08.06.2017 — The Hague City Forum: Collective Actions by Professional Investors: Dutch Claim Foundations and Collective Actions in Europe and Asia

24.11.2016 — Paris City Forum: Du dialogue constructif aux recours collectifs: La boîte à outils de l’investisseur institutionne

12.07.2016 — Webcast: “Can Shareholder Litigation and Engagement Help Improve Corporate Governance? The European Practice”

09.06.2016 — Frankfurt City Forum: Shareholder Litigation Seminar 2016

22.10.2015 — London Breakfast Seminar: Taking informed decisions to seek recovery of investment losses