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Investment Recovery

Madoff feeder funds en

Deminor has syndicated a group of around 2,500 investors who invested in various Madoff funds with combined aggregate loss in the range of EUR 300 million.

Deminor has syndicated and advises a group of around 2,500 investors who invested, either directly or through financial intermediaries, in various funds with Madoff exposure (the so-called Madoff feeder funds). Their combined aggregate loss is in the range of EUR 300 million. Court cases have been filed in various jurisdictions in order to recover losses from the investments managers, auditors and depositaries of the funds having invested with Madoff.

Deminor was also instructed by more than 4,000 investors in Madoff feeder funds to file their claim forms with the Madoff Victim Fund, set up by the American Department of Justice to compensate investors who suffered losses on Madoff related financial instruments.


Luxalpha – Herald Lux – Lux Invest – Fairfield – Thybo International – Hermes – Plaza International – Thema International

Luxembourg – the Netherlands – Monaco

Case initiated


Contact persons

✉️ Edouard Fremault
✉️ Erik Bomans

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