Investment Recovery Cases


Company names

Arcopar, Arcofin, Arcoplus


Case initiated

November 2012

Cases Arco

ARCO Group is a cooperative holding company whose main asset consists of a stake in the Franco-Belgian financial services group Dexia. In 2011 Dexia bank was split into a good and a bad bank to save the healthy assets and isolate any toxic assets, which resulted in a quasi-total loss of the value of Dexia shares. Consequently, ARCO was put into voluntary liquidation, which led to a suspension in the redemption of ARCO’s cooperative shares. ARCO’s liquidation will lead to a total loss of investments for ARCO Group’s cooperative shareholders.

Deminor has been retained by a group of more than 2,400 ARCO Group cooperative shareholders. Based on its own in-depth historic, economic and legal analysis of ARCO Group, Deminor came to the conclusion that ARCO’s shareholders were misled about the nature of the investment in ARCO and the risks associated with this investment.

Based on this analysis, various legal proceedings were issued against ARCO Group, Belfius Bank (the bank that inherited Dexia’s good assets), Mrs. Francine Swiggers, ARCO’s former managing director and the Belgian State. The Belgian state has also announced plans to compensate ARCO’s shareholders for the losses suffered.