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Deminor Blog

We provide our clients with the resources, focus and legal expertise needed to successfully litigate and monetise their claims.

Tesco judgment by the High Court of England and Wales is a victory for shareholder actions

On 29 October 2019, the High Court dismissed a strike out application made by Tesco plc in the group litigation brought ...

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New Deminor Recovery Services Website

Our website has now been revamped to ease navigation between our three business lines: Investment Recovery, Antitrust ...

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Access to Evidence in Antitrust Litigation - Finding the Right Balance

Public and private enforcement of antitrust laws both serve the same purpose: the sanctioning and prevention of illegal ...

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Introduction of Collective Opt-out Damage Actions in the Netherlands & The Risk of a Passivity cut

The Dutch Act on Collective Damage Actions (adopted in March of this year, and soon to come into effect) will introduce ...

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Italy introduces new class action rules

The Italian Parliament has recently passed new class action rules with Law no. 31 of 12 April 2019 (the “Reform”). The ...

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European Parliament approves draft Directive on Consumer Class Actions

On 26 March 2019, the European Parliament approved rules allowing groups of consumers harmed by illegal practices to ...

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Opening of Deminor’s new general litigation and arbitration funding line

Deminor has recently diversified its business strategy with the addition of a general commercial and arbitration ...

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