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Erik Bomans

Executive Board member & Managing Partner of Deminor Recovery Services. Responsible as managing partner for day-to-day management of Deminor Recovery Services.

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Bail-in or bail-out: can private investors be compensated in bank restructurings?

In 2016 and 2017, the European Banking Union witnessed various bank restructurings in which the Single Resolution Board ...

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Why cleaning up the banking system should remain a priority for European policymakers

It’s been more than eight years now since the financial crisis hit European banks and we’re still reading alarming ...

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What the Volkswagen emissions scandal teaches us (again) about European law enforcement

We have written before in this blog about Europe’s fundamental problem of not being able to adequately enforce its ...

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QE and the Belgian dentist

Heard last week on Belgian radio: “Investors put private savings in hotel rooms”. Read the same day in the financial ...

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Europe’s the sick man… and what does that say about the European legal system?

Europe is the “sick one” and America has recovered better than Europe “thanks to the health of its corporations and the ...

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The new European banking union: what does it mean for investor protection?

On 20 March 2014 the E.U. Commission and Parliament announced a historic deal to address future banking crises. It was ...

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Arco’s cooperative shareholders

Now that the European Commission seems to have cast second thoughts about the Dexia bail-out and the link with the ...

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