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1990: creation of Deminor. Launch of the activities in Belgium with focus on investors and shareholders in both listed and privately owned companies.

1993: Deminor obtains its first major victory on behalf of private and institutional investors in the controversial acquisition of the Belgian group Wagon-Lits by the French Accor.

1995: Deminor launches its voting and corporate governance rating activities for a number of European institutional investors.

1995 – 2005: Deminor develops international activities in France, the Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland. 

2005: Deminor sells its corporate governance activities (voting and rating) to Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS).

2006: Launch of Deminor Investment Management, which focuses on highly specialized investment management.

2008: Deminor Recovery Services (DRS) becomes a separate business unit fully dedicated to investment recovery, investor protection and collective securities litigation.

From 2008 on: DRS launches several high profiles cases in various European countries and, as from 2012, in Japan.

2013: New Deminor Group structure with the two separate business units becoming distinct legal entities: Deminor Recovery Services and ‘Deminor SA/NV’ with effect as from January 1st,  2014.

2016: DRS launches its first anti-trust case.