Group & Shareholder Structure

Deminor Recovery Services is the trade name of a group of companies headed by Deminor Recovery Services (Luxembourg) SARL, with registered office at 1 rue Jean-Pierre Brasseur, L-1258 Luxembourg, registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg under number B017529, and subscribed capital of EUR 2,542,104. Deminor Recovery Services (Luxembourg) SARL is organized as an independent partnership.  All of the shares are held by partners of the Deminor Group.

DRS Belgium SCRL, whose registered office is located at Sablon Tower – 19th Floor Rue Joseph Stevens 7, 1000 Brussels (Belgium), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deminor Recovery Services (Luxembourg) SARL.

Services are performed, as the case may be, by Deminor Recovery Services (Luxembourg) SARL and/or its subsidiaries.

The performance of services by Deminor Recovery Services group may be subject to certain regulatory restrictions. Please contact us for more information about the services that we can offer in your particular country of interest.