Deminor Recovery Services is a group of companies owned by the partners of Deminor group through Deminor Recovery Services (Luxembourg) SàRL.  Deminor Group’s other activities (Shareholder & Governance Services) are operated by a distinct company, Deminor S.A.

The Board of Directors of Deminor Recovery Services is composed of its partners and one independent non-executive director.

The Board of Deminor Recovery Services has adopted a Group Policy & Internal Code of Conduct, as well as a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and a Governance Code.  The Board of Directors has set up an investment committee, composed of one executive director and one non-executive director, which is responsible for approving investments and risks in relation to newly proposed recovery actions.

Compliance at Deminor Recovery Services is monitored by a compliance manager, who can escalate any issues to an executive partner and, if no appropriate actions are undertaken, to a non-executive director in charge of compliance within the Board.

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